An U.S. space startup has become the first ever private company to successfully send satellites into orbit without the help of a government agency, paving the way for a “new era” of commercial access to space.According to Financial Times, Rocket Lab, a US spaceflight company, launched the Electron rocket from launch pad constructed in New Zealand, and successfully placed miniaturized satellites into orbit in January 21(local time).These satellites-no larger than a shoe box-will map the earth’s surface and track weather systems and shipping“A private company launching multiple satellites from their own private space pad — that is technically a world first,” said Brad Tucker, an astrophysicist at Australian National University. “Up to now it has been government agencies or private groups using government infrastructure. Even SpaceX leases from Nasa.”The rocket launch of Rocket Lab took place from an sheep and cattle farm on New Zealand’s North Island. “Electron is orbital. Successful payload deployment,” said Rocket Lab in a tweet shortly after the launch. Financial Times reported that the launch marks a breakthrough in one of the hottest sectors of the space industry- the race by private companies to develop lower cost rockets to deploy so-called nano satellites into orbit.“What you are witnessing here is the flip from space being a government-dominated domain to a commercial-dominated domain,” Peter Beck, founder and chief executive of Rocket Lab, said.


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